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5 Reasons To Hire A Pro For Your Wedding Day

When I ask a bride who their wedding vendors are, sometimes, I hear things like;

"Oh my uncle has a really nice camera."

"Aunt Molly loves to bake cakes."

"My cousin is really good at doing hair."

Now I'm not saying that your Aunt Molly isn't a great baker, but there is a reason why so many people choose to hire a pro versus a family member or friend.

Here are some of those reasons...

Don't Strain Relationships

The balance between friendships and family can be fragile and nothing is more stressful than your wedding day. Do yourself a favor and hire someone who you don't mind saying no to, or giving them constructive criticism. Nothing is worth ruining relationships over.

Let Your Friends And Family Enjoy The Day

They want to be there for you, and enjoy every moment of you wedded bliss. So please, don't ask them to work. No one can truly enjoy the day if they are working.

We Know All The Tricks

We know all the tricks because we are experts and with that, comes experience. We can give you honest feedback on what will work for your wedding day.

More Worries, More Work

Be honest, you feel way more comfortable and relaxed when you know that the person working for you is a well seasoned veteran in their field. On the other hand, there will always be a small amount of stress in the back of your mind when an novice is a wedding vendor.

We Are Committed To Our Brides

Our brides happiness is our number one priority. This is what we do all day long; work with brides, make them beautiful, and make sure they are 100% satisfied. We are there to answer any questions, at any time, and make the process as smooth as possible.

I hope this has been helpful in case you were on the fence about having a friend or family member involved in your wedding as a vendor. Let us know what you want to hear next. Comment below!

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