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Wedding Spray Tanning 101

Taking care of your tan is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! The perfect tan doesn’t come without proper care before and after application.

There are ​4 rules ​to follow when preparing for a spray tan. When these 4 rules are applied, you will experience a smoother, longer lasting tan.

#1 Exfoliation

Exfoliation should be part of everyone’s health regimen; however, exfoliation prior to a spray tan is especially important.

A spa grade exfoliator designed for spray tanning is recommended. If this is not available, use an oil free scrub or shampoo and loofah. This will help to avoid left over residue which can affect the tan outcome. It is best to exfoliate 18-24 hours prior​ to the sunless session for best results.

Benefits of exfoliating: 1. Removes dead skin cells allowing new cells to absorb color

2. Smooths top layer of skin for flawless spray tan application

3. Stimulates blood flow helping to promote cell generation

#2 Development

Please take the tanning professional advice and don’t shower too early! Showering prior to the recommended time alloted for proper develop will increase the chances of washing the solution off before the color is fully absorbed into the skin.

While your tan is still developing, remember the following:

  1. Avoid contact with sweat or water, until your shower time.

  2. Wear dark loose fitting clothing to avoid transfer and rub off.

  3. If you are sleeping in the solution dark bedding is ideal and long sleeves

and pants are recommended

  1. Refrain from touching or scratching areas that have had solution applied

#3 Hydration

HYDRATION ​is ​KEY​ to a long lasting beautiful spray tan; be sure you stay hydrated inside and out. ​Drink plenty of water​ and use a good moisturizing lotion 1-2 times per day.


Moisturizing is a very crucial part of the process when preparing and maintaining a flawless spray tan. Moisturize​ 18-24 hours prior ​to your spray tan session, especially after exfoliating. This will help strengthen the skin and allow for the tan to last longer and fade evenly.

#4 Maintenance

Be sure you are using proper daily product in your regimens.

Your sunless product should be 1. Paraben free 2. Contain zero or MINIMAL sulfates, alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

3. Moisturizers should be water based as oil based moisturizers tend to strip the tan.

4. Minimal fragrance 5. Exclude Mineral Oil and Petroleum byproducts

Get the most out of your tan

  1. Avoid contact with chlorine. Chlorine can lead to premature fading

  2. Pat dry rather than rubbing. Rubbing exfoliates the skin and removes the


  1. Avoid pedicures after receiving your tan.

  2. Shaving is another form of exfoliation, shave ​18-24 hours prior ​to session.

Don’t use a shaving gel or cream

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