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Lash Extensions vs. Falsies for your Wedding

Brides ask us all the time whether they should get lash extensions or not for their wedding, so we thought we would give you all of the details right here.

Lash Extensions

For those that are unfamiliar with lash extensions, they are a specific technique of applying individual lash hairs to your natural lashes using a special adhesive to give the appearance of naturally long and full lashes.


- I woke up like this! You will literally wake up and your lashes will look freaking awesome and you won't need to do a thing to them!

- No more mascara! Not only do you not need to put on mascara, but you actually aren't supposed to at all!

- They are really awesome if you are also going on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding and want to feel like your best self with minimal effort.


- The upfront cost of these bad boys are $$$. Upfront cost can cost as much as $350.

- Maintenance costs are pretty $$$ too. Lash fill appointments are recommended every 1-4 weeks and can cost around $65-$150 every time you get them filled.

- These bad boys can be extremely time consuming to apply both in your initial appointment and during your fill appointments.


False lashes can come in a variety of different sizes from individual hairs, to clusters, and strips. They are applied using a lash adhesive and removed the same day as they were applied. Falsies can be applied by anyone and are relatively user friendly.


- They are incredibly fast to apply! (About 2 minutes)

- Very affordable $5+ for a set.

- They are reusable!

- Easy to apply and remove.


- They only stay on for one day.

Our Final Opinion

Here's what it breaks down to: If you plan on keeping the lash extensions and continuing the maintenance on them, them definitely do it! If you are on the fence and really only plan on having them for the wedding, save yourself the $200, go with the falsies, and no one will know the difference.

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