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5 Ways To Prep For Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial

Your hair and makeup trial for your wedding is one of the most important things leading up to your wedding. This is where you will get to try out a couple of different styles for your hair and test run the makeup for the big day. Here are a few things that you can do to make the trial run as smoothly as possible.


Have An Idea Of What You Want

Get on those Pinterest boards and get an idea of what you like. At first you may be all over the place, but after some pinning, you might start sensing a theme.

Be Open To Suggestions

Sometimes your hair texture isn't the right fit for a style, or your skintone isn't right for that color eyeshadow. Whatever the issue could be, take the advice from your professional and don't take it personally.

Prep Your Skin And Hair

Come in with your hair and face ready for the trial. Your trial time is precious and you don't want to be wasting it having the stylist drying your wet hair.

Bring Any Hair Accessories That You Might Be Wearing

Veil, headband, adorned pins, bring them!

Give Your Professional Feedback

Let your professional know how you feel about the look, because honey, if you ain't happy, we ain't happy. If something isn't working for you, let us know! Our jobs are to make you look and feel exactly the way you want. And I promise, you won't hurt our feelings.


Choose who you bring with you to your trial wisely! I have seen it happen where a bride has been absolutely in love with herself after the trial, all to be ruined when her mom, sister, or friend comes over and says something like, "Do you really like that?!" Yes, we all need a little validation from our loved ones and we want everyone to see us as the goddesses that we are. All I'm saying is, make sure the people who come with you, are the right people.

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