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We all wear foundation, and I think a lot of us have had our fair share of experimenting with and trying new ones over and over as well! I'm going to break it all down for you just like Nine did in Beauty School last week to help you find your favorite a little quicker.


This product gives a decent amount of coverage, has spf in it, and comes with a surprise! The lid is a twist top but that twist top has a flip top with concealer in it. Really great for traveling, and even good for guys too!

If you don't have a tinted moisturizer or aren't looking to buy one right now, take any regular moisturizer you already have and take your own (liquid or cream) foundation and mix it together. This way, you can customize coverage and it is a great way to finish up products you want to get rid of.


This has an oil consistency and is very drippy and runny. However, it doesn't feel like an oil and is a very dry oil. It reminds me of oil based serums you may have used in your skincare routine before. It has good coverage and lasts a crazy long time - you only need a few dots around the face.


This gal isn't super heavy or super light, you get about a medium coverage with this at most, but still more than a tinted moisturizer. Even though you won't get full coverage, it's amazing for dry skin.


Seint is our homegirl! In fact, we sell all Seint Beauty products. You can get started with your color match here. We love this makeup because it's extremely customizable and extremely blendable. Being a cream makeup, it is heavier and gives you full coverage. However, at the same time it is perfect for dry skin and very hydrating. Even though it's easy to get complete coverage, you certainly don't need to. Seint makes it easy to just use less of the product to get less coverage.


For our oily gals, a powder foundation is the way to go. We love Bare Minerals and you can even get their "matte" edition to help tone down the shine. The powder will help absorb the oil, however powder foundations in general do not have a lot of coverage. Bare Minerals also carries liquid foundations in a matte edition that you can layer under the powder to help get you more coverage.

My personal fav is Seint, but I used Bare Minerals for a long time and still love it! Have any questions? 720-292-3177



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