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How To Make Your Tattoos Disappear

As a moderately/heavily tattooed person, I personally never even considered covering my tattoos on my wedding day. My tattoos have always been something of pride for me. I understand that there are some tattoos that may not be important in your life anymore, or they may be a reminder of something you'd rather put behind you, and sometimes they may be straight up ridiculous. Your reason for wanting them temporarily gone, is your own, but here are a few things to consider:

(Yes, this is my arm and yes, it is Ariel with blonde hair. Oh and this is NOT Photoshopped!)

Covering your tattoos is extremely hard! And it takes and insane amount of product to cover it. I used a medium coverage concealer first and I used about a quarter of the tube! Then with my airbrush, I went in for some full coverage action. Layer after layer after layer of foundation, I could finally see it disappearing. Was my coverage on my arm perfect? No. Would it be on someone's wedding day? Yes! In my defense though, I was doing it with my opposite hand and looking in a mirror. Try doing your makeup with the wrong hand! It's freaking hard!

Things To Consider:

Skintone : This is key, and incredibly hard! Depending on where your tattoo is, you might have several shades difference between one part of your skin and the other. (Like on your arm the top of my arm is about 4 shades darker than the underneath/inside of my arm.)

Skin texture: No matter what you do, when you are caking on makeup on your skin, it's not going to look 100% the same as your bare skin. Especially when you have small little baby hairs all over your body that the makeup is sticking to. So if you can shave/ wax prior, that would be ideal.

Lighting: Holy moly does lighting change everything! I applied the makeup in natural lighting in my office, but even when I went outside, it looked different. I could tell a little more that the texture was off, but the color blended better than inside. I wouldn't even try to attempt this if I didn't have the best natural lighting to do it in.

Wearability: This airbrush makeup is water and transfer-resistant. Meaning that is has a much longer and stronger wear than traditional makeup. Keep in mind that the more you have to layer the makeup, the more likely it is to come off faster. It will wear off, and it will be flakey.

Pricing: I would personally charge anything from $50 (for a small tattoo) to $200 (for a half sleeve.) The reason being: it takes a tremendous amount of time and an incredible amount of product to make a tattoo disappear.

This is a sneak peak of the process of covering my tattoo. Again keep in mind, the middle picture is just concealer and to cover only half of my arm was a quarter tube of concealer. Yes, I said a quarter of a tube of concealer!

The more I look at these picture, the more outrages and unreal they look! A huge shout out to Dinair (the airbrush foundation I used.) I love you guys!

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