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Why WedLocks vs. a Salon

Everyday, we are asked about what the difference is between hiring a bridal beauty company that specializes, exclusively in bridal versus just going into a salon.

Well here are the facts:

Only 20% of salon professionals enjoy/will do bridal work. As a hair and makeup artist, this number is shocking to me, but hey, that is why our company exists!

That means 80% either flat out won't do it, or don't like doing bridal work. The ones who don't enjoy doing bridal styling, doesn't mean they will turn you away, they will still take the money, it just means that they will be stressing out and a little miserable the entire time. (And you definitely don't need that kind of energy around on your wedding day.)

The average salon professional does 4-6 weddings a year.

Some of WedLocks's lead professionals do 4-5 weddings a week.

Now if we consider that the main wedding season here in Colorado is about 6 months (let's say 20 weeks for easy math,) that means some our lead professionals get 15-20 YEARS of salon experience in ONE YEAR!


This is one of the huge differences when you chose a company that specializes in bridal vs. going with any salon stylist, the level and quality of the professional's experience and expertise can be drastic!

Now you tell us, who would you rather hire for your wedding hair and makeup?

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