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Bridal Hair Extensions 101

As a recovering extension addict, I think it's safe to say that I LOVE extensions of all kinds! But my forever tried and true are clip-in extensions. They're easy to take out if they are bugging you, they last forever, and most importantly they are easy to put in!

Who Are They For?

Clip-in extensions are really for anyone, but there are ideal situations where they look best. Extensions can be used for 3 reasons, to add length, to ass volume, or both. Ideally, you natural hair should be past your shoulder and your ends should be a little more wispy rather than in a blunt cut, to help with blending.

Should You Have Them For Your Wedding?

Absolutely! We think clip-in extensions are perfect for weddings! In the best scenarios, clip-ins are used when the hairstyle is down or mostly down. We do sometimes also use them in updos, but they can occasionally get in the way more than they help, but that really depends on the scenario.

How do I match my color?

While we do have a variety of shades, not all hair colors are a perfect match with extensions. Luckily, our hair extensions are 100% human hair and can be washed, cut, colored, styled, and treated exactly like it's your own hair. If you are going to color them, make sure the color you get is a lighter color so you can dye it darker. Bleach can never be put on hair extensions,

How do I get them?

All hair extensions must be purchased prior to the wedding. They can be purchased right here on our website or by making an appointment to come into our studio.

For more about our extensions check out:

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