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How to Prep Your Hair Before the Big Day!

Photography By: Dani Cowan

Months Before- Start getting regular trims and hair treatments.

2-4 Weeks Before- Get your hair trimmed and colored. Be sure it isn't too close to the wedding day so that there is still time for adjustments if necessary.

Morning Before- Wash your hair well and maybe do a mask. This is most likely the last time you will wash your hair before the wedding. If you have crazy curly hair and will be wearing it smoother, by all means, have it blown out.


Night Before- If you have an oily scalp and can't even bare the thought of going a full 24 hours without washing your hair, wash the night before instead. You know your hair best!

Photography By: Valerie Heine

Morning Of- Apply dry shampoo to your roots and allow to sit for a while. This absorbs the oils and gives the hair a little texture to work with.

Side Note- If your stylist gives you specific instructions, please listen to them!

IMPORTANT TIP: Be aware of the climate you are in if you are not getting married close to home, since this can severely effect your skin and hair!

Photography By: Jamie Beth Photography

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