A Recap on the Craziest Wedding Season Ever!

Okay folks, this post is going to be a #realtalk post! This year has been INCREDIBLE and we can't thank you enough for supporting us, championing us, and just being the absolute best! Almost three years ago, when this company started, I could have never believed the big beautiful monster that she has become and the journey of being a business owner has been humbling, exciting, and down right insane!

Photography By: Elevate

This year we have accomplished some unimaginable goals and have also suffered a few heartbreaks along the way. But since I always believe in celebrating our "failures & hardships" (because they always make us 1,000 times better) as well as celebrating our accomplishments, what better way than to take a look back and pat ourselves on the back for surviving and thriving through the CRAZIEST wedding season we've ever seen!