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A Recap on the Craziest Wedding Season Ever!

Okay folks, this post is going to be a #realtalk post! This year has been INCREDIBLE and we can't thank you enough for supporting us, championing us, and just being the absolute best! Almost three years ago, when this company started, I could have never believed the big beautiful monster that she has become and the journey of being a business owner has been humbling, exciting, and down right insane!

This year we have accomplished some unimaginable goals and have also suffered a few heartbreaks along the way. But since I always believe in celebrating our "failures & hardships" (because they always make us 1,000 times better) as well as celebrating our accomplishments, what better way than to take a look back and pat ourselves on the back for surviving and thriving through the CRAZIEST wedding season we've ever seen!

1. We did 330 weddings this year! (Actually 333, since we had a few last minute bookings this year.)

I know, that number is absolutely bananas! That's almost 1 wedding a day for an entire year! But I have to tip my hat to my team. They are so talented, creative, loving, and they inspire me everyday to keep creating a better company for beauty professionals and brides! While 333 weddings is an extra grande number, our brides are not a number and we treat every wedding and bride as if they are the special little snowflake they are!

2. We went into 3 different lease negotiations to find a new studio space!

My biggest mission this year was to find a new studio space for WedLocks. Our "studio" is currently just an office in an office building where we do out trials. But we've needed something more for a while now. Something that fit our character a little more and a place where we could grow! We hired a commercial real estate broker, spent countless hours scouring the internet, and SO much time, money and energy negotiating leases with landlords and lawyers. We went into lease negotiations 3 different times! One even got as far as me going into a meeting with a pen in my hand and a check in my pocket, ready to sign the lease and pay the deposit. The meeting ended 5 minutes later with the landlord storming out and me leaving in tears because of a miscommunication between the realtors. (Yes, it was as dramatic as it sounds.) I am proud to say that we are currently in our FINAL lease negotiation with a space that I absolutely adore! I can't say too much more, except that we will definitely be having a party when our doors finally open! (Fourth time's the charm right?)

Jamie's Pre-Surgery Surprise

3. We have had our fair share of medical emergencies this year!

This year we had 3 surgeries and a cancer diagnosis. As some of you may know, our dear girl Jamie, was diagnosed with cancer in July of this year. You know when you are thrown for a loop and it can be impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah, this was one of those times! And sweet lord, am I glad that we are on the other side of this! I am happy to say that all three surgeries (these were with 3 individual professionals, not just Jamie) couldn't have gone any better! Additionally, Jamie kicked cancer right in the ____, her cancer was completely removed, and she is finishing up her final precautionary treatments and has been back at work for the last couple of months. Our team has been so supportive during this entire time and when we heard the news, every one of our professionals did everything they could to pick up the slack. We didn't have to cancel a single wedding and all of our brides who had to be reassigned to a new professional were amazing, understanding, and some even wrote the sweetest cards for Jamie. I've never been more grateful for the community we have built! So much love!

4. We have some BIG dreams!

I am so proud of my team. I know I say it a lot, but it's because it is SO true and I never want them to forget how much I appreciate every single one of them! 2019 will be bringing some big things to not just the bridal community, but also the beauty community! We have some big goals and big dreams for the new year and I can't wait to see us smash the H out of them! So stay tuned folks, the best is yet to come!

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