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Airbrush Foundation 101

Okay folks, I am here today to blow all of your misconceptions about airbrush foundation out of the water! We hear on a daily basis, "I'm really not sure if I want to do airbrush." When we ask why, we usually hear something along the lines of, "I really don't wear a whole lot of makeup normally and I'm just worried about it looking cakey." And that is why airbrush makeup is perfect for YOU!

Another common reason we hear is, "I had it done at a friends wedding and it was awful!" That may be 100% true that your makeup was awful, but if you went into a restaurant, ordered a pizza and it tasted terrible, does that mean you don't like pizza? Probably not. It probably means, the chef didn't know what he was doing, or wasn't using quality ingredients. Same with makeup!

Either way, we want to show you exactly how airbrush makeup is supposed to be done!


1. It has a buildable coverage! That means we can completely customize your coverage anywhere form sheer, all the way to full coverage.

2. It is water-resistant! That is right ladies. You can have full confidence knowing that your foundation won't just slough right off the second you start tearing up. With that said, please be kind to your makeup, it's not Noah's arc proof. Be sure to be tapping and not wiping.

3. It is transfer-proof! That means your foundation isn't going to immediately come off on your partner's collar. Again though, no wiping. And that does not mean that your other makeup (i.e. bronzer, blush, eye shadow) is also transfer proof, so be mindful of that.

If you missed our Instastory, we did a pretty cool thing! We demonstrated the difference between Light, Medium, and Full coverage airbrush foundation looks like.

We started off with two photos, one with no makeup and the other with just concealer applied to the under eye area. Already a HUGE difference! (And yes, these are photos of me, Nine.)