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6 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Hair & Makeup Look

Step 1: Create a Pinterest board for your wedding hair and one for you wedding makeup.

Step 2: Pin anything (and I mean anything,) that catches your eye and looks wedding worthy. *Dont get too caught up on keeping things similar, just pin away!

Step 3: After you've been pinning for a while, go back and take a look. If you start to notice a “theme” to the hairstyles/makeup looks you’ve been pinning, PERFECT! That is what we want. If you aren’t seeing any similarities in your pins, just keep on pinning girl!

Step 4: Figure out what part of the look you love and what part you would adjust.

Step 5: Come up with a plan B. Every once in a while, what we think looks good on Jennifer Aniston, may not end up working with our face shape, or our hair just isn’t able to do the same things, so always come up with a backup plan.

Step 6: Share your looks with your beauty team!

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