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Introducing Foster Creative

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with a dear friend of mine, Steven Foster from Foster Creative where we talked about the importance of video coverage and what sets Foster Creative apart from the rest.

I met Steven a couple of years ago when he and a friend (DGass Photography) put together a group called the Colorado Wedding Collective. While the group no longer exists, we've all stayed great friends and we see each other all the time at events and working weddings together.

To be totally honest, Steven has become somewhat of a younger brother who has such a passion for this industry. Steven and I are both big dreamers and there are definitely times when I tell Steven ideas that I know he's only of the only people who doesn't think I'm crazy for dreaming that big! (I know he feels the same way.)

I think the biggest thing that I admire about Steven is his abundant passion and enthusiasm. Steven has truly dedicated himself to his craft and its a reflection in his wedding films.

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