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Introducing Kaitlin Shea Wedding + Events

This week sat down with Kaitlin Amanatullah from Kaitlin She Weddings + Events and we talked all about her business and how wedding coordinators are basically super heroes!

I'm lucky enough to have met Kaitlin when we were working on a styled shoot together. (A styled shoot is where vendors come together, get some creative energy out, and do a bridal photoshoot together.)

This one was a bit different since we were shooting one model in a bathtub filled with milk, water, flowers, and fruit.

And the other model was a more traditional bridal shoot.

We spent the morning running around Union Station/The Crawford Hotel (The Crawford is the hotel inside Union Station) with the photographer (Diana Coulter Photography) trying to evade the security guards who were yelling at us for having the model climb on a ledge.

What I love the most about Kaitlin as a human and as a coordinator is her calming and soothing tone. I know that I can throw any idea out to Kaitlin and she will be like, "Awesome! Lets do it! I don't know how to do it, but we will figure it out!"

She's never afraid to go outside of the box and have fun and maybe even break a few rules, as long as her clients are happy!

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Watch our full interview with Kaitlin Shea Weddings + Events.

Nine Morrison


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