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5 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

I get questions from brides all the time who ask what to do with their short hair for their weddings. Some think its hopeless, but there are so many gorgeous options for a short haired gal. So here are a few ideas for all my pixies and bobbed ladies out there!

Tuck In Those Ends

If your hair is around shoulder length, easy! Curl and tuck in your ends. It can give the illusion that your hair is way longer in the that updo!


Add A Braid

Braid are a super trendy, super cute way to spice things up! However, it isn't always the perfect look if you're going for a super glam feel.


Embellish with a Hair Piece

Such a stunning and classy way to add some sparkle and interest (especially if you don't want to wear a veil.) Its also one of the few (but adorable) options for pixie cuts.


Go Vintage

I love a good vintage do! I can't even help myself! Do a finger wave, Veronica Lake waves, heck, even a victory roll for my 50's dolls.



Okay, so these are a before and after of me, but they were only taken a few weeks apart. On the right, I have in clip in hair extensions. Now these puppies are awesome because there's no commitment, they won't break the bank, and you can use them forever! Unfortunately, they are not a magic wand. If your hair is too short to cover the extensions then this might not be the option for you. And be realistic! There's a reason my hair is half up on the picture on the right, and it's to cover the extensions. So you might be limited in the styles you can achieve depending on the length of your hair.

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