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The Best Makeup For Your Wedding

I get asked a lot about our makeup services, especially about airbrush makeup. A lot of people have never experience the awesomeness of airbrush makeup and why, on the most photographed day of your life, it is truly the best option.


Flawless Complexion

There's a reason why in Photoshop it is called airbrushing. Because it makes your skin look flawless, (and your photographer will have less editing to do)!



No need to worry about your makeup, embarrassingly rubbing off on your new spouse's collar. This stuff ain't going anywhere.



I mean, if we're talking weddings, there are most definitely going to be some waterworks, and if not tears, there might be cake in the face. But don't get crazy, it's water-resistant, not water-proof. Don't go and do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and expect your makeup to still be perfectly intact.



Airbrush Makeup is one of, if not thee most sanitary options out there. There are no brushes or sponges that have touched anyone else's face.


Light-Full Coverage

Acne scars, rosacia, hyper pigmentation, oily, dry, sensitive? No problem! Airbrush makeup can provide any amount of coverage you want.


Custom Color Options

Airbrush makeup is completely customizable! Your makeup artist can custom mix any colors to perfectly match your skin tone.


I have, personally, become mildly obsessed with airbrush makeup. I've been thinking, "Where have you been all my life?" and, "Why aren't more people doing this?" So give it a try! Keep in mind, most makeup artists do up-charge for airbrush. At WedLocks, we don't believe in up charging for it. It's already included in our price because we believe it is the only way you should be getting your makeup done on your big day!

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