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Skye & Dustin's Wedding

One of my favorite things about my job, is getting to see the photos. Most people don't realize that, along with florists, hair and makeup don't usually get to stay for the wedding. Sometime we are getting ready at a hotel so we don't even see the venue. A good portion of the time, we don't meet the groom either. The photography can be our only glimpse into see what the wedding, our work, and the groom actually look like. When I saw these photos my first reaction was, OH MY LAWD! I was absolutely blown away! Maheux Studios Photography seriously crushed it. They are based out of Fort Collins, CO, but they do travel worldwide. These photographs will be around for the rest of your life, so invest in a bitchin' photographer that is going to capture your day. I can't recommend Maheux Studios Photography enough!

All photography by Maheux Studios Photography.

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